Electronic Dance Music
Electronic Dance Music goes across many genres and many types of performers.  You might be a house head, love trance, get down to trap, dubstep, jungle, and the list goes on.  The point is you get down and it’s all due to EDM!  Of course this can be played by DJs, done by a live band, with many other experimental methods out there.  The great thing is there are many festivals you can attend for EDM and our EDM shirts are the best ones you will find anywhere!
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Electronic Dance Music

We are excited to be the one and only source of amazing EDM Shirts that you will have a great time wearing to all of your local DJ shows and all of the summer music festivals.  If you want to be the talk of the festival and that person with all of the cool shirts on, then you must buy from us.

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House Music
EDM Shirts from La La Land Shirts
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House Music all night long, Jack Your Body, are both great lines from house songs.  Soon on our house shirts!
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These are dance shirts that don’t fit into other categories!  You just love to dance!
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Electronic Dance Music
Music for Everyone

We respect the DJ! The House DJ, The Trance DJ, The Trap DJ, The Trip Hop DJ, The Dubstep DJ and beyond.  It doesn’t matter if you are old school or brand new from Bad Boy Bill to Hardwell.  We respect the DJ!

The turntable is an instrument and not everyone can use it.  To anyone who says that being a DJ is easy, we challenge you to go out there and make good music or shut it!  We might even give you an EDM Shirt if you could make good music, but we know you couldn’t.

La La Land Shirts

All of these EDM shirts are brought to you by La La Land Shirts.  If you don’t like these shirts check out some of their other crazy or political shirts.  They even have Hillary Clinton Shirts.  Of course their favorite shirts are the music inspired t-shirts.

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House Music

House music is a genre of electronic dance music that originated in the American city of Chicago in the early 1980s. It was initially popularized circa 1984 in Chicago, but beginning in 1985, it fanned out to other major cities such as Detroit, Toronto, Mexico City, New York City, San Francisco, Boston, Montreal, Cancún, Manchester, Miami, London, and Paris.

Trance Music

Trance is a genre of electronic dance music that developed in the 1990s in Germany.  It is characterized by a tempo of between 110 and 150 beats per minute, repeating melodic phrases, and a musical form that builds up and down throughout a track. Trance is a genre on its own, but also will include other styles of electronic music such as techno, house, pop, chill-out, classical music, and film music.